Veterans Trail

Veterans Trail Phase 3 (Design)

The City has entered into a contract with Michael Baker International for the design of Veterans Trail Phase 3. This project is a section of the multi-phase trail that is part of the Connectivity Plan, the Master Park Plan, and the proposed Village of Boston Heights to Hudson trail. The phases are not being completed in numerical order due to being in different stages of planning and availability of funding. For information about the other stages of Veterans Trail, take a look at the project story map.

June Design Update:

  • Design concept development and reviews.
  • Preliminary environmental and subsurface investigations.

July - September:

  • Public meeting in early August.
  • Collect and address public comments.
  • Continue detailed design.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact:
Christopher Papp, PE, Assistant City Engineer
(330) 342-1770

Click image to view a Story Map of Proposed Phases:

The purpose of this trail is to provide safe access to the lengths of Hudson via walking or biking and to provide a connection to surrounding community trails to better connect Northeast Ohio. It is also a new way to bring people downtown Hudson to enjoy the amenities while passing through. When complete, the southern end of the trail will connect to the Summit County Metro Parks Bike and Hike trail.

The City is funding the design portion of the Phase 3 project, and has received a $500,000 grant from Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study to go towards construction of the project. The estimated cost of this project is $1.2 million. The project is currently in the design phase. Construction is expected to begin in 2019. 

Proposed Phase 3 Trail Concept:

  • Milford Drive from Veterans Way to E. Case Drive: Sidewalk widening and associated improvements behind the curb on the south side of Milford Drive.
  • E. Case Drive from Milford Drive to Lynn Drive: Signing and pavement markings will be installed so bicyclists can share the road with motorists.
  • Cascade Park segment: a full trail will be developed.
  • Ellsworth Meadows segment: a full trail will be developed.
  • The end of the Phase 3 section will connect to Phase 4 (sidewalk) on Barlow Road.

Veterans Trail Phase 2 - ON HOLD

As part of the Connectivity Plan and the proposed Village of Boston Heights to Hudson Trail, the City of Hudson and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources considered construction of a portion of the Heights to Hudson Trail which would consist of a 10-foot wide asphalt path.The trail was originally planned for construction in 2017-2018.

Trail alignment:

  • Hines Hill Rd. and W. Prospect St. intersection, to:
  • W. Prospect St. and Morse Rd., 
  • Ending at the intersection of Morse Rd. and Owen Brown. 
We are not moving forward with Phase 2 of this project at this time.

Current Status

The Veterans Trail Phase 2 has been put on hold indefinitely based on several issues, including;
  • The Downtown Phase II project will put the trail construction in conflict with Downtown Phase II construction.
  • The Ohio Turnpike Commission has no plans to widen the bridge over the Ohio Turnpike, and the re-striping option on the bridge was not recommended by staff due to safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists traveling the route. Staff presented these design concerns to City Council and the Park Board in August, 2016. 
  • The City will investigate alternate routes to construct.

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