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In our business, we consume, create and move vast amounts of data in the form of video files, high-resolution photos, complex designs, and more. We rely on a strong Internet connection to quickly download and upload these large files. With our previous Internet service provider, we would lose our connection at least five times an hour, which was a drain on our productivity. We would find it difficult to reestablish a connection without having to reboot our computers. Our Internet service provider couldn’t find anything wrong, but we still had a problem and it was unbearable. 

It was clear that we needed a better solution. Velocity Broadband offered the upload and download speeds we needed at a competitive price. Now when we need to upload files to a printer out of town, it takes less than three minutes, whereas before Velocity Broadband it could take an hour or more. 
Working with Velocity Broadband has meant that our agency can be more productive. We have fewer interruptions in service and less downtime resulting in many operational improvements and efficiencies that I couldn’t get anywhere else. And working with the Velocity Broadband team has been wonderful. The installation team was smart, friendly and got right down to business. Everyone is very helpful when we need them and I believe the city is running Velocity Broadband the way a company should be run. 

John Murphy, President of The Murphy Agency