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When we moved into our current offices in Hudson, we had to relocate an existing Internet connection from our primary Internet service provider (ISP). In addition to our primary ISP we had a backup to relocate, too. The high cost of our primary ISP eventually became an issue for us and we were forced to use our secondary connection as our only connection. Although this saved us money, we experienced numerous performance and reliability issues that resulted in ongoing frustrations.

As an IT service provider, all of our day-to-day activities heavily rely on having a dependable connection. From the voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system to the cloud computing tools that we use to run our business, every element of our operation depends on having a strong, reliable high-speed Internet connection. For us, switching to Velocity Broadband was truly a no-brainer. We saw that Velocity Broadband could increase speed, reduce costs and dramatically improve reliability for us.
With the increased bandwidth, we’ve been able to shift all of our servers to the cloud and out of our office, which we couldn’t have done with our previous providers. We’re enjoying the Velocity Broadband service so much that we’ve already upgraded twice. Besides enjoying a reliable connection, the financial benefits of Velocity Broadband are great. We’re currently spending about half of what we were spending with both our previous primary and secondary connections, despite the fact that our new connection is actually ten times faster. 

The entire Velocity Broadband team has been great to work with. Maureen, Will and the rest of the team are very committed to the success of this project and it shows. 

Lee Barnhouse, President & CEO of LTech Solutions

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