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For years, AKHIA has struggled with securing a reliable Internet connection and Velocity Broadband has changed this for us. In the past, our Internet constantly went down, which affected our ability to offer the kind of service our clients deserve. Even when our Internet connection was working, it ran slowly and files could take up to an hour to transfer. It also wasn’t uncommon for file transfers to fail, requiring us to restart the process. It might sound cliché, but time is money, and we were losing revenue each time our Internet went down.

From medical to manufacturing, our clients span a range of industries but they all have something in common—they move quickly. We not only need to move just as fast as our clients, we often have to move even faster. We need to be able to respond to requests quickly and efficiently and deliver materials or information when they’re needed. As part of the work we do, we develop comprehensive strategic business plans, as well as supporting materials such as brochures, sales toolkits, catalogs, and more. Every day we’re developing these types of projects that generate large files that need to be distributed to clients and partners across the country. A slow and unreliable Internet connection just wasn’t getting the job done effectively.
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When the Hudson-owned Velocity Broadband launched, we were excited to become a part of it. A fast and reliable Internet connection is essential to our business operations and Velocity Broadband provides the reliability and speed we’ve been looking for. Today, we’re able to connect, download and communicate faster and without interruption. It’s also been beneficial to our bottom line. We’re paying about 25% less than what we had previously paid and our Internet speed has increased significantly, allowing us to transfer files and communicate with ease. 

Our employees have noticed the difference, too. With a faster, more reliable connection, our employees can work more efficiently. They’re also feeling less stress as a result because they know they can trust our Internet connection will be there to help them perform their jobs and serve their clients. 

For us, Internet service needs to be available all day, every day, with a speed that doesn’t compromise our ability to service our clients. It’s also important that we know Velocity Broadband can support us as our company grows and our needs change. We know that our broadband connection has a large bandwidth to handle high traffic and that it can be upgraded when necessary, helping us plan for the future of our business. 

In addition to the speed and reliability of the Internet service, the Velocity Broadband team has been a pleasure to work with. They’re attentive, quick to respond to any inquiry, and best of all, we haven’t had any interruption of service.