How Broadband Helps Businesses

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Fiber-Optics Help Businesses Grow


Velocity Broadband fiber-optic cable transmits at the speed of light. The speed and reliability of a fiber-optic network provides businesses with the Internet they need to operate today, and grow tomorrow. With higher speeds and reliability, your business will be more efficient and profitable.
  • Work in the "cloud" or in software on your own network in a fast environment.
  • Upload large files, photos, and videos in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Stream videos, conference calls and music without buffering or interruptions.
  • Conduct business or operate website stores online without interruptions or loss of connectivity.
  • Scale your network to meet your growing needs.
  • Process credit cards quickly without losing your connection.
  • Operate VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems efficiently, without annoying dropped calls or poor connections.


  1. City of Hudson
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    Hudson, Ohio 44236
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Fiber-Optic Broadband Internet is Safe, Secure, and Reliable

Hudson is committed to building a comprehensive network that will have a secure and stable data operations center, managed by IT professionals. The system will have redundancy built in to help make sure we never lose connection. 

Velocity Broadband is Flexible and Can be Customized


With our fiber-optic solution, we can quickly and easily turn your bandwidth up or down to meet your business needs, something you can't get from any other provider. And, if you need a dedicated system up to a Gigabit or more, we can provide you with a system that can change to meet your needs.

Velocity Broadband is Affordable

Hudson values our businesses and we have made a significant investment to ensure all Hudson businesses can compete in today's technological world. Velocity Broadband has pricing that will fit every need and budget. We offer more bandwidth for less money than available with current copper cable or DSL connections.

Excellent Customer Service

Your business provides excellent customer service to your customers, and our Hudson staff strives to offer the same to you. You can count on personal service at the highest standards from our staff. We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. For us, it's not about's about community.

Don't Lock Yourself in with Slower Service


Join the Hudson businesses signing up for the fastest Internet service available. Owned and operated by the City of Hudson, Velocity Broadband is the only all-fiber network, meaning faster downloads, fewer interruptions and more profitability. 


Call (330) 342-9544 or sign up HERE.