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Downtown Phase II Revised Oct 2016


The purpose of the Hudson Downtown Phase II Plan is to envision a future for the underutilized area of downtown taking full advantage of First and Main's assets and providing future development to capitalize on emerging market opportunities. Downtown Phase II builds on the success of the First & Main's mixed-use development that seamlessly blended character of the historic Main Street retail corridor with a new development that rejuvenated Hudson's downtown.

Ten years ago, City officials and a group of engaged citizens had the foresight to think long term with a vision to create a revitalized downtown core which transformed an industrial property into a full-scale shopping, dining and business experience drawing visitors from across Northeast Ohio and beyond. This vision also included a concept of a future Downtown Phase II which would expand the revitalization efforts into underutilized, publicly owned property at the corner of Owen Brown and Morse Roads.

This year, as part of the Comprehensive Plan revision process, a Council-appointed committee made a recommendation for moving forward with the Phase II expansion and provided a conceptual vision for community review. Key aspects focus on providing varied housing stock and developing quality office space, while preserving the character of Hudson and complimenting Phase I.


The vision for Downtown Phase II encompasses the area west and northwest of the First and Main development. Initial planning looked at private and public properties in that location that could be included in the eventual revitalization plan. Private properties indicated in the planning process would only be included if the property owners agreed to become a part of the redevelopment initiative.

Selection of Testa Companies as Development Partner

The City of Hudson is very fortunate to have the quality development interest in the firms that desire to partner with us. On September 6, 2016 after a request for qualifications was distributed and responses reviewed, a recommendation to enter into a Letter of Intent as our preferred development partner with Testa Companies for Phase II of the Downtown Redevelopment was approved.

For more detailed information, please view Recommendation - Downtown Phase II Development Partner.

Relocation of Salt Dome, School Bus Garage and Hudson Public Power

In preparation for the Downtown Phase II development project, the City of Hudson's salt storage and Hudson School's Bus Garage Facility is being relocated. The development of the new facilities is moving forward quickly. The project consists of constructing a new school bus garage and ancillary road salt storage structure on the City owned parcel located at 5810 Hudson Drive.

For more information on these projects that are part of the Downtown Phase II project, CLICK HERE.