Downtown Phase II

Preliminary Concept Plan (Not Representative of Final Design)

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Testa Companies presented the preliminary concept plan and renderings above at the July 24, 2017 Public Open House. Please note that these are preliminary concepts, and the design will continue to evolve throughout the process.

What is Downtown Phase II?

Hudson's Downtown Phase II project will revitalize 20 acres of underutilized land in Hudson's downtown. Phase II will contain varied housing and office uses within a connected, walkable setting to support the existing downtown retail district. Planned at the time First and Main was designed, the area is now being developed. It will take full advantage of First and Main's assets and capitalize on current community needs, including the need for downtown office and residential space.

Where is the Development?

Downtown Phase II will be located on the properties west of First and Main at the corner of Owen Brown Street and Morse Road. The area is currently occupied by Windstream Communications, the Hudson City Schools bus facility, Hudson Public Power and the City's salt dome.

What is Planned for the Development?

Since its early conception during Phase I, Downtown Phase II has always been envisioned to incorporate mixed housing and office use, withing a connected, walkable setting to support the existing downtown retail district.


During the initial development of Phase I and further emphasized as part of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Phase II is being planned to:

  • Extend the pedestrian-friendly vibrancy of the downtown with new housing options, connectivity, and office space.
  • Attract young professionals and empty nesters who want to live and work in a thriving downtown environment. 
  • Bring jobs, put two properties back on the tax rolls, and boost Hudson' economy which helps the City continue to provide quality services to residents.
  • Strengthen the existing downtown district by placing office workers and new residents within walking distance to the existing retail core.
  • Take prime area land that is underutilized, tax-exempt  and put it back on the tax rolls.
  • Relocate the Hudson Public Power operation, the City's salt dome and School bus facility to remove the school bus traffic and City trucks within the downtown.


Hudson City Council selected Testa Companies as the preferred developer after a Request for Qualifications process in the summer of 2016. For the project to begin, the City negotiated with Windstream to purchase its property on the corner of Owen Brown Street and Morse Road. Plans are currently underway tor relocated Hudson Public Power to a temporary facility off Hudson Drive, and the City's salt dome and the Hudson City Schools bus facility to City-owned property on Hudson Drive.

Citizen Engagement

The City has undertaken a two-year, citizen engagement process that has included numerous public meetings and open houses, the creation of two citizen committees, and more than 400 resident surveys. With each meeting, the developer receives more input and is adjusting the designs to meet the community's needs. The engagement process will continue until final plans are completed.

August 1, 2017: Special City Council Workshop

Testa Companies discussed the concept plans with City Council at this special Council Workshop.  Public comments were accepted during the regular Council Meeting that followed the workshop. A video is available in our streaming or on demand meeting video library. Click here for the video.

July 24, 2017: Public Open House

Testa showed revised drafts and continued to solicit input from citizens that they will use in the final designs.  Architectural renderings showed at the meeting are for concept only. Final designs and layouts will continue to evolve as the work progresses. 

April 13, 2017 Community Open House

The developer presented a framework plan of the project and received input from the community. View the Open House Video here.

March 13, 2017 League of Women Voters Meeting

The Hudson League of Women Voters hosted a public session for the City to provide expanded information on the project and on the relocation of public facilities to make room for the development. View the Meeting Video here.

February 23, 2017 Community Open House

Testa Companies conducted a session to introduce their team and gain insight from the community that they could use to develop a concept plan. View the Open House Video.


Ten years ago, City officials and a group of engaged citizens had the foresight to create a long-term vision of creating a revitalized downtown core that would transform an industrial property into a full-scale shopping, dining and business experience that would draw visitors from across Northeast Ohio. This vision also included a concept of a future Downtown Phase II which would expand the revitalization efforts to the publicly owned property at the corner of Owen Brown and Morse Roads, bringing much needed office space and housing for young professionals and empty nesters.