Public Hearings

All meetings are held at Town Hall, 27 E. Main St.
Public Body Public Hearing Notices
City Council No Public Hearings are scheduled at this time.
Board of Zoning and Building Appeals                               
Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
Public Hearings Notice: To consider variances from the required east and west side yard setbacks to allow existing detached garage to be attached to the new addition at 147 Hudson Street.

NOTE: The following application has been withdrawn from the July 20 meeting and will be heard at the August 17 meeting:
Public Hearings Notice: To consider a variance of 10 feet to the minimum side yard setback of 25 feet resulting in a side yard setback of 15 feet for a side-facing attached garage at 26 Baldwin Street.
Planning Commission 
No Public Hearings are scheduled at this time.
Public Hearings Calendar

Agendas for each meeting are available a few days before meetings on each public body's page. Attachments for each hearing can be found within each agenda.

Projects currently going through the zoning application process can be found here.