N. Main Street Improvement Project

The North Main Street Improvement Project is for the North Main Street Downtown Corridor between SR 303 and Owen Brown Street is currently being performed. The project includes infrastructure improvements and a fresh new look, including new lighting and sidewalk/pedestrian areas, improved crosswalks, landscaping including street trees and planters. With the assistance of AMATS funding and an ODNR Grant, The Ohio Department of Transportation will resurface North Main Street as part of this project. For more project details, visit our story map.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the project last?
Most of the construction will be completed this year, with some of the final work being finished in early 2017.

What is the scope of the project?

  • Full pavement replacement
  • New overhead crosswalk signals and improved crosswalk designs
  • New textured sidewalk and pavers
  • New light design
  • Diagonal parking
  • Street trees, benches, planters, landscaping
Will my drive to work be impacted?
Much of the work will be done at night, with possible periodic lane closures after 8 p.m.  During the day, traffic will be maintained, but the lanes will shift for construction which may cause traffic delays. Truck detours will begin during Phase 2. The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our Road Construction Updates and receive email/text messages about lane shifts or closures and other issues that might arise during construction.

Will I be able to visit my favorite North Main Street store?
Yes! Sidewalk access to the stores and businesses will be maintained at all times. 

Will parking in front of the North Main Street stores be available?

While the diagonal parking areas in front of some of the stores may be closed for a period of time, access to all other public parking areas will remain open. 

What will happen to the sandstone sidewalks and curbs?
The approximately 20 square feet of sandstone sidewalk will be removed and stored for possible future use. The sandstone curb will be removed and replaced back into its place as part of the project. Curbing that is cracked or damaged will be removed.

Where's the best place to go to stay up to date on this project?
There are several ways to stay informed. 

  • Website. Check this website page for updates.
  • Story Map. Click on the visual story map at the top of this page that provides detail about the construction, timeline, features and more or click here.
  • Social Media.  For real-time updates on the construction and its impact on traffic, follow us on social media.
  • Road Construction Updates.  Sign up to receive our Road Construction updates for real time traffic alerts regarding this project. Sign up here.
  • Merchant Updates.  If you are a merchant, business, or property owner in the downtown area, sign up for weekly updates specific to how this project may impact your business.  To sign up, click here.
  • Visit HCTV.  
  • Visit the City's YouTube Channel.
What about the great events on the greens this summer? Will they continue?
Yes, the events on the green will be held as scheduled. For even information, visit our Community Calendar.

Who should I call or email if I have questions or concerns about the project?
Call our Engineering Department at 330-342-1770.
Email our Engineering Department at engineering@hudson.oh.us

North Main Street Construction to Begin Monday, March 13

Merchants have asked us to begin construction on this project as soon as possible. With work originally scheduled to begin April 15, due to the mild weather, we've asked Mr. Excavator to complete the remaining storm sewer work on this project beginning on Aurora Street on Monday, March 13.  

Staging starts Monday, and the actual construction work will begin Tuesday, March 14 at 8 p.m., primarily on the east side of North Main Street, between Aurora Street and Owen Brown Street.  

Nightly lane closures will be necessary to complete the storm sewer work in the scheduled two- to three-week period, weather permitting. Work may also be performed during the day, including work on the sidewalk and lighting and traffic control.

Traffic and access to driveways will be maintained.

If you have questions about this project, please call the Engineering Department at (330) 342-1770 or email engineering@hudson.oh.us.

Thank you for your patience during this improvement project.

Next Merchant Meeting is March 16

Have questions? Join us for our next Merchant Update Meeting on Thursday, March 16 at 8 a.m. at Town Hall. City staff and the contractor will be at the meeting to discuss what to expect in the upcoming weeks and to answer any questions you might have.  Can't make the meeting? Email your questions to engineering@hudson.oh.us.

2017 Construction Schedule

Park Lane to Clinton Street

  • Final constructions details including items such as installation of street lights, sandstone pavers, sidewalk and retaining wall on the Gazebo Green, trees, and street signage.
  • Entrances to the stores will be maintained at all times.
  • Two-way traffic will be maintained at all times. Diagonal parking will be maintained, although at times, some parking spaces may be closed due to construction.
  • New trees will have 2-inch in diameter trunks and be about 10-12 feet tall. They will be a mixture of London Plane (Exclamation) trees and Accolade Elm trees.

Clinton Street to Owen Brown Street 

  • All the types of work that was done last year south of Clinton Street, now must be performed in the northern section from Clinton Street to Owen Brown Street. The work includes sewer, electric and irrigation systems, tree wells and trees, sidewalks and curbs, etc.
  • Entrances to the stores will be maintained throughout the construction.
  • Entrances to the alley behind the stores and the driveway on N. Main that goes back to the alley will be maintained throughout construction.
  • Parallel parking in front of the stores will be converted to diagonal parking, adding one additional parking space.
  • Clinton Street will be closed for approximately two weeks (we said one week in the meeting, but two is more realistic). The closure will extend west to before the alley behind the Main Street stores. Access to both back alleys to the store will remain open. Park Lane will remain open when Clinton Street is closed.
  • Aurora Street will be closed for approximately three weeks at the N. Main Street intersection to before E. Main Street.
  • Owen Brown Street will be closed for approximately three weeks during the construction period.
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