How Do I?

  1. Apply for a Board / Commission

    Learn how to apply for a board or commission.

  2. Apply for Commercial / Residential Zoning Permits

    Learn how and when to apply for commercial and residential zoning permits.

  3. Find City Council Agendas & Minutes

    Browse through the City Council's agendas and minutes.

  4. Find City Events

    Look for upcoming community and department events.

  5. Find Codified Ordinances

    Read through the Codified Ordinances of Hudson, Ohio.

  6. Pay Online

    The City of Hudson now accepts payments online.

  7. View Bid Postings/RFPs

    Find the latest City bid postings and RFPs.

  8. View Meetings Online

    Watch streaming video of meetings.

  9. Sign Up for News/Notifications

    Learn how to sign up for News and Emergency Alerts delivered to your inbox or phone.

  10. Request a Public Record

    How to request a public record under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).