How Do I?

  1. Find Bid Postings / RFPs

    Find the latest City bid postings and RFPs.

  2. Apply for a Board / Commission

    Learn how to apply for a board or commission.

  3. Find City Events

    Look for upcoming community and department events.

  4. Read City Council Agendas & Minutes

    Browse through the City Council's agendas and minutes.

  5. View Codified Ordinances

    Read through the Codified Ordinances of Hudson, Ohio.

  6. Apply for Commerical / Residential Zoning Permits

    Learn how and when to apply for commercial and residential zoning permits.

  7. View Meetings Online

    Watch streaming video of meetings.

  8. Sign Up for News / Notifications

    Learn how to sign up for News and Emergency Alerts delivered to your inbox or phone.

  9. Request a Public Record

    How to request a public record under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).