The Inn on Barlow

Case 2016-28: Re-Approval Request for Hotel Facility at 1213 Barlow Road

2014-17 Architectural Rendering (3) Front of Inn - facing street.jpg

Project Description

An application has been received for re-approval of the expired conditional use and site plan approvals for a 72-room hotel to be located at 1213 Barlow Road presently known as the Inn on Barlow (formerly known as the Wallhouse Inn).  Although the plans for the project have not changed, the previously granted approvals have expired and require re-approval for the project to proceed.  No changes to the previously approved use, site plan, or building design are proposed.  No code amendments have been adopted since approval that would alter staff’s previous recommendations or PC’s actions. The applicant is contemplating construction in the spring of 2017.

Meetings/Public Hearings

December 12, 2016: Planning Commission held a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall to consider Case 2016-28. The conditional use and site plan were approved. The hotel will be part of the Choice Hotels system instead of Wallhouse.

Case 2015-16: Site Plan Modification Wallhouse Inn

Project Description

This new case is in regards to a modification to the previously approved site plan (see below). Planning Commission received a request for a right-in right-out driveway, which is supported by a recent traffic study.

Meetings/Public Hearings

July 13, 2015: Planning Commission held a public hearing.


This project is currently on hold.