The Inn on Barlow

Case 2016-28: Re-Approval Request for Hotel Facility at 1213 Barlow Road

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Project Description

An application has been received for re-approval of the expired conditional use and site plan approvals for a 72-room hotel to be located at 1213 Barlow Road presently known as the Inn on Barlow (formerly known as the Wallhouse Inn).  Although the plans for the project have not changed, the previously granted approvals have expired and require re-approval for the project to proceed.  No changes to the previously approved use, site plan, or building design are proposed.  No code amendments have been adopted since approval that would alter staff’s previous recommendations or PC’s actions. The applicant is contemplating construction in the spring of 2017.

Meetings/Public Hearings

December 12, 2016: Planning Commission held a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall to consider Case 2016-28. The conditional use and site plan were approved. The hotel will be part of the Choice Hotels system instead of Wallhouse.

Case 2015-16: Site Plan Modification Wallhouse Inn

Project Description

This new case is in regards to a modification to the previously approved site plan (see below). Planning Commission received a request for a right-in right-out driveway, which is supported by a recent traffic study.

Meetings/Public Hearings

July 13, 2015: Planning Commission held a public hearing.


This project is currently on hold.

Case 2014-17: Proposed Zoning Map Amendment

Project Description

The Wallhouse Inn is a full-service hotel proposed at 1213 Barlow Road. The project includes a 72-room inn. Site improvements include exterior patios, walkways, and 111 parking spaces.

Several of the existing warehouse buildings, previously operated by the Flood Company, are proposed for demolition. The circa 1828 residential structure located at 1221 Barlow Road would be preserved and renovated in the future for a compatible use to the hotel operation. The Inn is part of a master plan that could include senior housing and related amenities. Only the approval of the Inn is being sought at this time.

The subject property is located within District 8: Industrial/Business Park Zoning District. The site is currently vacant and was previously operated by the Flood Company, a manufacturer of paints and stains. Lodging facilities are permitted as conditional uses within District 8. The conditional use requires a public hearing by the Planning Commission.
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Meetings/Public Hearings

Nov. 10, 2014: Planning Commission approved the application. In response to the comments of the Sept. 8, 2014 meeting the applicant has completed the following revisions:
  1. The conference center/meeting/banquet space has been removed from the proposal.
  2. The total square footage of the building has been reduced from 81,000 square feet to 66,870 square feet.
  3. The height of the forward wing (facing and parallel to Barlow Road) has been reduced from three stories (42’10” height) to two stories (35’10” height).
  4. Minor modifications have been proposed to the building footprint.
  5. Grading previously proposed in the riparian setback has been removed.
  6. A rear access drive / loop road has been incorporated at the north side of the building to provide emergency access to all sides of the structure.
  7. The parking space count has been reduced from 166 spaces to 111 spaces. The front yard parking has been reduced from 43 spaces to 27 spaces.
  8. A stormwater management pond has been added to the Barlow Road frontage.

Sept. 8, 2014: Planning Commission reviewed a request for conditional use and site plan approval. The board approved a motion to continue the application with the request that the applicant submit the following:
  1. Traffic Impact Study, to be reviewed by the Hudson Engineering Department.
  2. Statement of the anticipated stormwater management design
  3. Determination regarding the feasibility to realign and or relocate the building to increase the setback from Barlow Road
  4. Expanded analysis by the applicant and staff of the general conditional use standards of Land Development Code Section 1206.02(b) - Conditional Uses