SR 91 & Norton Road Improvement Project

SR 91 Norton New Lane Shift

Construction Progress

Click to view the SR 91 and Norton Road Project Update from the City of Stow.

The contractor has replaced the existing traffic signals on SR 91 and Norton Roads and installed the new traffic signals on SR 91 and Fishcreek Roads. The signals are operational but timing and coordination will be activated when all lanes are available.

The maintenance of traffic patterns will shift on Norton Road  on June 8. Norton Road widening on the north side will start Friday, June 9, 2017. Traffic will be maintained in both directions.  Delays are expected both east and west on Norton Road.

The final wearing surface will be completed in the summer. Sidewalks, seeding and mulching are going in on SR 91 and Norton Roads which will have daily lane closures.  

The bike trail is partially opened on a limestone base. Additional work such as sealing and painting the culvert is still needed. Also placing the asphalt on the bike trail will take place when the asphalt is placed for the roadway.  Temporary closures of the bike trail will be needed at that time. Please view the Summit County Metro Parks website for bike trail updates and alternative routes.

Final paving is scheduled for July with landscaping and clean-up scheduled for August, 2017.


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  • Click here for a project update from the City of Stow.
  • Work is now being performed on the north side of Norton Road west of SR 91.
  • Please take note of the new traffic patterns.
  • Estimated project completion is July/August.
  • The bike trail is currently open, however, closure will be necessary in late Summer.

Maintenance of Traffic

During construction, temporary lane closures will be required, but access shall be maintained to all residences and commercial establishments.

Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the project.

Contact Information

The City of Stow Engineering Department is the lead agency.

If you have questions regarding this project, please call 
330-689-2719 or email Jim McCleary here

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Project Description

The intersection at SR 91 and Norton Road experiences substantial traffic delays and congestion, especially during rush hour traffic. This project will reduce the delays experienced by travelers.

Improvements in Hudson and Stow in the SR 91 (Darrow Road) and Norton Road area continue.  These improvements will better accommodate vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians on Norton Road. This work includes adding right-turn-only lanes and resurfacing on both SR 91 and Norton Road. In addition, the project will include upgraded signalization of the intersection, a shared-use path on Norton Road, plus new curbs, walks, signing, pavement markings, and drainage improvements to SR 91.