Allstate Stays, Grows in Hudson

Allstate Insurance Company established a call center/data center in Hudson in 1971. In 1991, it expanded the Hudson facility and now employs more than 1,300 employees in a 100,000+ square foot building on roughly 25-acres.

Late in 2010, Allstate was contemplating investing $20 million in its data center. The company had a number of options: stay and invest in their Hudson facility or move to another U.S. location. Moving the center out of Hudson would result in significant job loss to the community. Economic Development Director Chuck Wiedie immediately jumped into action, organizing a team of economic development professionals statewide to help develop a package that would make Hudson the best option for Allstate’s growing needs. The team included:

The team's work to address Allstate’s growing needs, as well as the positive working relationship between Allstate and the City of Hudson, proved valuable in this process. In early 2012, Allstate announced that it would remain in Hudson and all related jobs would be retained.

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Address: 75 Executive Pkwy, Hudson, OH 44237
Phone: (800) 255-7828