Snow Plowing Permits Required

License Needed for Commercial/Residential Snow Plowing

All commercial and residential snow plowing and snow removal companies are required to apply for a license to operate within the boundaries of the City of Hudson.

The annual fee is $15 for each vehicle operated within the City. A certificate of insurance, meeting the City’s required insurance levels, is required to complete the application process. Section 860 of Hudson's Codified Ordinances describes the licensing requirements and the owner/operator responsibilities.
What do I need to submit an Application?
  • Complete the Application form and e-mail to or the Public Works office at 1769 Georgetown Rd.
  • Payment of $15 for each permit sticker.  Acceptable forms of payment are check made payable to the "City of Hudson", cash or credit card with a 3% minimum convenience fee. 
  • Certificate of insurance covering liability insurance in the sum of $25,000 for injury to one person, $50,000 for injury to more than one person and $25,000 for commercial snow removal machinery or vehicle.
The Snow Plow License Application Form is available online or at the Public Works Department, 1769 Georgetown Road, Hudson, Ohio. Call (330) 342-1750 for more information.
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Note:  A minimum convenience fee of $1 or 3% of your total will be charged.

2017-2018 Licensed Snow Plow Removal Companies

Name of Company
Contact Name
Phone No.
Permit No.
Karen Spivak Karen Spivak 330-351-0123 1
Robinson Lawn & Garden Center Charlie Robinson 330-656-2777 2-5
Tom Gifford Landscape Inc. Tom Gifford 330-688-2439 6-7
Turf Trimmers Dodie Madigan 330-678-9554 8
Michael Prevost Michael Prevost 440-688-0624 9