1. Communications

    The Communications Department is responsible for all internal and external communications for the City.

  2. Community Development

    The Community Development department is responsible for all planning and zoning requirements and procedures.

  3. Economic Development

    The Economic Development department works to retain businesses in Hudson and to encourage more businesses to locate in the City.

  4. EMS

    EMS provides life-saving services to the citizens of Hudson.

  5. Engineering

    Access bid postings, construction projects, engineering standards, and petitions and assessments. New Electronic Bidding for 2017!

  6. Finance

    See information about the City's finances, including budgets and the 5-Year Plan

  7. Fire

    Discover the various public services that the Fire Department provides for the City of Hudson.

  8. GIS

    Use the Graphic Information Systems (GIS) website to view interactive maps of the City of Hudson.

  9. Hudson Cable Television

    View the services offered by Hudson Cable Television.

  10. Human Resources

    Job opportunities and information about the Human Resources department.

  11. Information Services

    Browse the valuable services provided by the Information Services Department in Hudson.

  12. Parks

    Locate parks in the City of Hudson.

  13. Police

    Read about the responsibilities of and the services provided by the Hudson Police Department.

  14. Public Works

    Acquire contact information for the services provided by the Public Works Department, find details on cemeteries, public properties, street maintenance, and urban forestry.