Hudson Area Utilities

Residents and businesses in the City of Hudson are served by several utility companies. Please make sure you contact the correct company that serves your address. If you are unsure, the company name should be on your utility bill, or you can visit our GIS maps and type in your address. The utilities are indicated on the property information.

Cable Television

Ohio Senate Bill 117 moved jurisdiction over cable TV from local municipalities to the State of Ohio Department of Commerce. Hudson has no franchising rights and has no say over cable TV providers. There are no Hudson regulations or agreements that prohibit any new cable company from entering our market.

Currently, Hudson is served by Time Warner Cable and Direct TV satellite service. Citizens who have complaints about their cable TV provider can contact the Ohio Department of Commerce by calling toll free (800) 686-7826, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

With evolving technology, some TV programming can be accessed over the internet through companies like Netflix and Amazon TV among others.


Electric service in Hudson is provided by Hudson Public Power and by First Energy, depending on where you live For a map of First Energy and HPP territories in Hudson, click here.


The City of Hudson has launched Velocity Broadband, to provide high speed fiber-optic Internet services to Hudson businesses. Offering up to and beyond 1 gigabit speeds, there's nothing faster, more reliable, or more affordable in Hudson today. In the future, Hudson plans to expand that service to residential areas.

For residents, Windstream services in Hudson. A number of wireless telephone providers have a wireless option that runs off their cell phone system backbone and provides 4G speeds. With their "hot spot" individuals could set up internet and phone service.

Natural Gas

The main natural gas supplier in Hudson is Dominion East Ohio; however, Ohio residents may pick their provider. For more information about natural gas choices, visit the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Hudson Natural Gas Endorsement Program with Constellation Energy
To help reduce costs for residents, the City of Hudson entered into an agreement with Constellation Energy Gas Choice, Inc. to provide residents and small businesses with low-cost natural gas supply following a competitive bidding process under the state’s natural gas choice, governmental endorsement program. A $3.40 per Mcf rate has been set for gas consumed for the November 2016 through October 2017 bill cycles. There is no special rate for seniors. There is no early termination fee, so residents can leave the program at any time. 

Customers currently in the endorsement program with Constellation need do nothing to sign up for the new rate. New customers who wish to enroll should call 1-844-516-5253.


Windstream provides telephone service to the Hudson area. Most cell phone providers offer service in Hudson. Today, the telecommunications industry includes local telephone service, long distance telephone service, wireless telephone service, paging service, Internet service, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and a wide array of other competitive products and services. All of these different methods of communication operate through networks forming a global telecommunications industry.


Hudson is served by four water departments: City of Hudson, City of Akron, City of Cleveland and City of Stow. Please check your water bill to determine which entity provides your water. Click here for a map of water ownership in Hudson.


Beginning January 1, all Hudson sanitary sewer customers will be transferred to the Summit County Department of Environmental Services (DOES). For information about DOES and the system transfer, visit Sanitary Sewer - DOES. For the DOES website, click here.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District covers a portion of the City of Hudson. The City does not have jurisdiction over NEORSD fees or services. For more information about NEORSD, click here.

Utilities in the City of Hudson at a Glance

Time Warner
Cable 877-772-2253
Hudson Public Power
Electric 330-342-1710
Ohio Edison (First Energy)
Electric 800-633-4766
Constellation Energy
Gas 844-516-5253
Dominion East Ohio
Gas 800-362-7557
Windstream Telephone 866-445-5880
Summit County Department of Environmental Services (DOES)
Sewer 800-828-2087
Akron Water Department
Water 330-375-2554
Cleveland Water Department
Water 216-664-2444
Hudson Water Department
Water 330-342-1710
Stow Water Department
Water 330-689-2889
Velocity Broadband Internet Service for Businesses Internet 330-342-9544