Snow Routes

The City has approximately 14 snow routes which encompass approximately 350 lane miles. Each route contains varying miles of primary, collector and local streets. In Hudson, most subdivisions are comprised of collector streets, local streets and cul-de-sacs.

Priority # 1 – Primary Streets

It is the City's intention to do everything possible to ensure that a system of top-priority routes (primary snow routes) remain open and passable at all times. These primary (arterial) streets are considered major thoroughfares. These routes are a priority because they provide a vital link for police, fire, and emergency services. Examples of these streets are found below.
  • Barlow Road
  • Boston Mills Road
  • E. and W. Prospect Street
  • Hines Hill Road
  • Hudson-Aurora Road
  • Hudson Drive
  • Hudson Street
  • Huntington Road
  • Middleton Road
  • Morse Road
  • N. and S. Hayden Parkway
  • Ravenna Road
  • Ravenna Street
  • Seasons Road
  • S. Oviatt Street
  • S.R. 8
  • S.R. 91
  • S.R. 303
  • Stow Road
  • Sullivan Road
  • Terex Road
  • Valley View Road
  • Walters Road
  • Young Road

Priority # 2 – Collector Streets

Collector streets are in residential neighborhoods that residents use to access the primary streets. These streets are cleared once the primary streets are maintained. A partial list of collector streets is found below.
  • Andover Way
  • Atterbury Boulevard
  • Brentwood Drive
  • Bridgewater Boulevard
  • Cohasset Drive
  • Darien Drive
  • Glen Echo Drive
  • Groton Drive
  • Haymarket Way
  • Heather Lane
  • Hunting Hollow Drive
  • Lake Forest Drive
  • Lennox Road
  • Londonairy Boulevard
  • N. Marblehead Drive
  • N. Westhaven Drive
  • Oldham Way
  • Pinebrooke Drive
  • Prescott Drive
  • Stonington Drive
  • Stafford Road
  • Victoria Parkway
  • Warrensburg Circle
  • Winstead Road

Priority # 3 – Local Streets & Residential Cul-De-Sacs

Local streets and cul-de-sacs make up the remainder of City streets that do not fall into the above categories. These streets are maintained once the collector street snow routes are maintained. In addition to the streets, 217 cul-de-sacs need to be cleared. A partial list of local streets is found below.
  • Amboy Drive
  • Brewster Drive
  • Chadbourn Drive
  • Church Street
  • Connecticut Woods Drive
  • Division Street
  • Elm Street

  • Franklin Street
  • Goshen Drive
  • Granby Drive
  • Hartford Road
  • Mystic Drive
  • Nantucket Drive
  • Plantation Drive
  • Saybrook Drive
  • Vinemont Court
  • Wethersfield Drive
  • Willow Lake Drive
  • Winslow Drive
  • York Drive