Snow & Ice Control

Our Mission

The City of Hudson strives ensure safe streets through efficient and timely snow and ice control during the winter season. We use the latest advancements in snow fighting equipment, technology and materials, utilizing a well-trained staffed, and being well organized and prepared to handle any type of winter storm event.
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Streets are maintained in a priority order during a snow event. During heavy snowfall events, primary streets may require continuous plowing before secondary routes are plowed and maintained.
  1. Priority 1 - Main / Artery  Roads (Primary Routes)
  2. Priority 2 - Neighborhood / Subdivisions (Secondary Roads)
  3. Priority 3 - Cul-de-sacs, Bubbles, Dead End Streets
  4. Median Cross-overs 
Snow and ice control operations in Hudson include the following areas of responsibility:
  • State Route 8 limited access expressway
  • State Route 91
  • 350 lane miles of streets
  • 217 cul-de-sacs
  • 5 municipal parking lots
  • 13 Min Plow Routes

Preparing For Winter

The Public Works Service and Fleet Divisions prepare year-round to handle the blitz of winter weather.

The City has a fleet of more than 15 vehicles to maintain 13 snow plow routes that need to be ready to mobilize at the first sign of snow or ice. To prepare for winter, the vehicles and equipment are put through routine maintenance checks during the summer and go through a comprehensive inspection in the fall of each year. Experienced snow plow contractor(s) are used to maintain cul-de-sacs, First and Main, City buildings and parking lots and school crossings. The City stores 3,800-4,000 tons of salt in the salt dome and a 5,000-gallon tank of de-icer to maintain streets.

Ongoing driver education and training is another essential part of preparing for winter. City employees are trained annually on the proper techniques of handling the vehicles for safe winter driving. A Global Positioning System (GPS) has been installed in every truck for tacking and monitoring during snow events.

Clearing Snow From Driveways and Sidewalks

Clearing snow from driveways and sidewalks is the responsibility of the resident or business owner. Unfortunately, snow plow operators do not have control over the snow coming off the edge of the snow plow blade. To avoid the frustrating problem of the snow plow covering your driveway with snow after you've just shoveled it, shovel the snow into your yard instead of into the street or shovel the snow to the “down stream” side of your driveway as determined by the travel direction of the truck. Normally, this is to the right side of your driveway apron as you are standing in your driveway facing the street.

Helpful Hints

  • Please avoid parking cars in the street during snow events. Parking bans will be posted via the City website and Hudson Cable Television.
  • Please do not place garbage cans in the street during a snow event.
  • Please do not blow or plow snow into the street.
  • Please do not plow snow into the center of a cul-de-sac.
  • Private Snow Plow Contractors will be warned and possibly fined if found placing snow into the street (860.99).
  • Damage to mailboxes occurs when wet, heavy snow off the street hits your mailbox.