City-Owned Utilities

Hudson Area Utilities

Hudson is served by multiple utility companies. Please make sure you contact the correct company that serves your address. If you are unsure, the company name should be on your utility bill, or you can visit our GIS maps and type in your address. The utilities are indicated on the property information. . Following is information for utilities owned and operated by the City of Hudson. Information about other utility companies in Hudson can be accessed on the Utilities page.

Sign Up

The City of Hudson provides electric and sewer services to a portion of the City. To sign up for new service, please call 330-342-1710 or visit Application for Hudson Utilities. City utilities can be paid online and bills can be received by email to avoid paper billing.

Hudson Public Power

Electric service in Hudson is provided by Hudson Public Power and by First Energy, depending on where you live For a map of First Energy and HPP territories in Hudson, click here. Hudson Water DepartmentHudson is served by four water departments: City of Hudson, City of Akron, City of Cleveland and City of Stow. Click here for a map of water ownership in Hudson.

Sewer Services

Sewer services are provided by Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Services (DOSSS).  For information on customer service and billing, call 330-926-2400.

Pay Your Hudson Utilities Online

The City of Hudson offers online payment for water and electric utility service for a portion of the City. There are also privately owned utility companies as well as other governmental agencies that provide utility services within Hudson. View contact information for the utility services in the Hudson Area.

Paperless Billing

The City offers paperless billing for customers who do not want to receive a paper bill in the mail. Instead, you will receive your utility bill by email, which is a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of billing.

Requirements for Paperless Billing

Before you begin, you will need your City of Hudson utility account number, which is located on the monthly utility bill you receive from the City.

How to Register

To start paperless billing, visit the City's Online Access website. On the site's home page, select the register box. You will need to enter your account number and zip code (44236). Fill in the requested information, including username, password, and the email address where you want your bill to be sent. Once registered, you will begin receiving an email bill starting with the next billing cycle.

GIS Viewer

Access the GIS Viewer to determine if a property is part of the City of Hudson utility system.