Valley View Road Culvert Replacement

The Valley View Road Culvert Replacement Project will involve the removal and replacement an existing 3' x 5' box culvert that is failing under the roadway and causing settlement of the pavement.   The culvert is located within the right-of-way, near homes #7855 - #7873 Valley View Road, north of Middleton Road.

The existing 3' x 5' stone/concrete box culvert has begun to fail due to its age (over 50 years old).  The culvert’s joints are deteriorating, allowing for erosion and causing small voids under the roadway, and therefore settling in the roadway has occurred.  The project includes the removal of the box culvert and installation of new precast concrete culvert.

The City Engineering Department is currently working on finalizing the plans and specifications for the improvements.  The work is scheduled to be completed by the Spring of 2018.

Valley View Map

Contact Information

Brad Kosco, P.E., P.S.
Assistant City Engineer
(330) 342-1770