Summit County Sanitary Smoke Testing (County Project No. Q-185)

CTI Engineers of Akron, Ohio, on behalf of the Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Service (DOSSS),  will be conducting a smoke testing investigation of the sanitary sewers in the neighborhoods near  Hudson Street, N. Oviatt Street, Aurora Street, Elm Street, Franklin Street, Old Orchard Drive, Evamere Lane and Bicknell Drive.  The investigation is being performed to identify defects and clean water connections to the sanitary sewer system which will allow future sewer improvements to be planned and prioritized. Testing is expected to begin the week of October 30th.

Access to your home is not required for testing. Workers will be present in the street near your home and may traverse the yard around your home while inspecting for smoke.

The testing procedure introduces smoke into the underground sewer main while workers monitor aboveground for visual indications of smoke. The appearance of smoke aboveground can indicate a sewer defect, leak, or clean water connection to the sewer system. During the test, you may see smoke emanating from vent stacks on building roofs, gutter downspouts, storm drain catch basins, or from the ground. Do not be alarmed; this is a normal part of the test.

Contact Information

Smoke Testing Contact: 
CTI Engineers, Inc.  
James Mitchell
Office:  330-294-5996
Mobile:  330-605-0977 (8am-7pm)

Summit County DOSSS Contact:  
Tim Gott, P.E., Project Manager
Office:  330-926-2501

The smoke has no odor, is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard,

and will dissipate in a few minutes.

Please notify CTI Engineers prior to the test if any of the following situations is expected:
  1. Dogs, birds, or other pets will be confined alone in your home during the test;
  2. A person will be home during the test who is disabled or sleeping;
  3. An individual with respiratory problems will be in the home; or
  4. Elderly persons or others with special needs will be in the home alone who may be alarmed or confused if they see smoke.

Prior to the test, please ensure the drain traps in your home are full by running water in unused sinks and pouring water into floor drains. When filled, the drain traps create a seal which prevents smoke from entering your home. No smoke should enter your home during the test. If smoke is observed in your home, a defect in the home’s plumbing may be present. Please note the location of any smoke entering your home and report this to the Summit County DOSSS at the below phone number.

Please contact CTI Engineers prior to smoke testing if you expect any of the above-listed situations or with general questions regarding the investigation. On the day of smoke testing, a second reminder will be placed on your door.

County Smoke Testing