The Finance Department is responsible for receiving, accounting for, and investing all city revenue, processing payments to the city's vendors, and processing payroll for city employees. The city's main source of revenue is from income tax, property tax, state and county taxes, utility receipts, and investment income. The department processes over 4,500 vendor checks, 4,300 payroll checks, and 86,000 utility bills on an annual basis. Learn more about the utilities available within the City of Hudson.

Additional Resources

  1. Budget / Financial Reports

    Budget information, financial reports, and online interactive applications to explore Hudson's budget process.

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  2. Financial Transparency

    Explore interactive applications to look at the City's budget, transactions and more.

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  3. Free Electronic Filing & Payment Options

    Businesses and residents can file taxes and make payments online through R.I.T.A.

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  4. Income Tax Information

    The City of Hudson has a 2% income tax that is levied on the gross pay of anyone working in the city.

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  5. Pay Online

    Credit cards are now accepted as a form of payment. Please visit this page for further information.

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  6. Taxes

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